What If?

What if the breakdown or destruction of something is not negative? What if it's our aversion to change (or our attachment to looking good and being right) that causes us to label or define the breakdown or destruction as "negative" or "wrong" or "bad" or "failure"? What if the breakdown or destruction is REQUIRED in order for a breakthrough or the creation of something new to take place? What if we simply perceived the breakdown-breakthrough or destruction-creation cycle as we do our breath? We must exhale in order to inhale. It does not work (we do not LIVE) if we resist this cycle. I'm deep in an exploration of this cycle, this power and potential that we possess, and I'm curious about your thoughts...Where have you observed the cycle in your life?


colette davenport

Colette is an intimacy expert who loves helping married working moms stop struggling and start having the kind of marriage and family they know is possible. Her upcoming book, From Call Girl to Calling, is both a telling of Colette's story and a teaching of how to turn your obstacles into opportunities for growth and personal fulfilment.