How to Have It All...NOW

Just as a body or a business needs attention to be healthy, so does a relationship.

The damage begins when one 'believes' that they cannot have it all.  This notion that we have to sacrifice one to build the other is bullshit.  It's an EXCLUSION mind-set.  (I don't know why we all buy into the exclusion mind-set -- is it because it gives us a handy little excuse to not show up?  Or because it serves as the ever present 'out' when we don't want to take responsibility for what we've created?)

I prefer an INCLUSION mind-set.  I choose to believe that I/WE CAN HAVE IT ALL...NOW.

Call me crazy.  But it's this belief and way of being that has miracles occur. (That's a good thing.)  On the practical side, 'to have it all' requires consciously created systems and structures to be in place.  The key words being 'consciously created' -- because whether we're aware of them or not, our entire lives are framed by systems and structures.  Albeit, mostly the unconsciously created type (or those others have chosen for us).

So yes, INCLUSION requires consciousness (aka waking the fuck up).  It includes (hehe) a higher level of self awareness and the ability to distinguish between one's individually chosen beliefs and that of the pre-programmed collective cop-out.  That is, what's being sold to us by others.

I want no part in a reality that is fundamentally EXCLUSIVE, where the cornerstone belief states that one must sacrifice a part of themselves or their life to fully experience another.  

We can have it  INCLUSION.  

Create NEW beliefs.  Create a NEW reality (full of miracles).