At What Point Do You Say, "Enough is ENOUGH!!"?

At What Point Do You Say, "Enough is ENOUGH!!"?

For me that was this morning. I had just finished cleaning house. My hair was pulled back, I was wearing shorts and a sports bra and I stopped to look at my reflection in the mirror. 

I broke out in tears.

Not only am I too broke to have my deflated breast implant fixed, I can't even afford to spend money on a chicken cutlet. It looks like I've had a unilateral mastectomy. I can only imagine what women who HAVE had that surgery must feel like.

Then there's the fact that I have been living with a tumor for nine years. It's grown well past the point I said I would let it get to before agreeing to have surgery.

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Fast-Food Dating and Intimacy: What Not to Do If You're Newly Single

I've been feeling exceptionally needy lately. (Did I really just admit that??) I can't get enough attention. To the point I've been completely distracted from my work. I haven't written or really created anything viable in weeks. How's that for a #truthbomb ??

I've been relying on what I'm going to call "fast-food dating" (aka Tinder & Bumble) to sate my hunger for attention. It's no wonder I'm not experiencing the kind of deep connection I desire.

I knew April was going to be a month of upheaval and distortion but I wasn't prepared for just how wacky it would be or how much I would cling to what felt good. In addition to the astrological impact (have you read about the Scorpio full moon?) I've also started working with a shaman and a holistic doctor to continue my personal healing.

Let me tell you, this shit is *DEEP*.

What I've learned so far is that it's easy to ignore old wounds and seek validation and new "love" from others. It's not as easy to direct my attention inward and be with the wounds so they can heal... or give love and validation to myself.

But I'm working on it daily.

It's been about four months since the conclusion of my 5-year relationship with Matt. If you've been following my blog for sometime, you know that the biggest challenge for me was I didn't feel SEEN.

My desire (actually, this is a human need) for intimacy, connection, and sexual self-expression was all but unmet in that relationship.

So when I started dating again, I was showing up like: "SEE ME...SEE ME...SEE ME!"

Turns out that is NOT the best way to go about dating.

Talk about being 'needy'... and I consider myself pretty damn self-sufficient. I don't need a man to take care of me financially or in most other ways but I am recognizing my need for intimacy. And I get that freaks people out. At least early a fast-food dating environment.

For a long time I've had the fear that no one would be able to see PAST the physical situation I'm dealing with. So when someone did, I got excited and hopeful and ...a little clingy. 

I thought, "Here's someone who's willing to see me... (excited)... and so I'm gonna show him all of me...(premature)...all at once. (foolish)"

Dumb move.

I was oblivious to my overzealous need to be seen and validated that I completely overloaded the spark and short-circuited the connection.

My best girlfriend said it best when she said, "Colette, you're intense. And woo woo."

What there is to get here is the love, intimacy, and validation I seek I must find within and give myself

I've made huge strides over the last eight years in overcoming issues with vanity, self-esteem, self-love, and self-expression - and it would seem there's more work to do.

So with regards to dating, for the time being, I'm just going to pin in it and circle back at a later date.

I'll use this opportunity to up-level the relationship I have with myself. I'll nurture and play with and love and explore what gives me pleasure - sans needing anyone else's validation, attention, or reciprocal participation.

I think this is an important part of being a healthy, happy human being. To be the source of our own self-worth and to unconditionally love ourselves - including our 'flaws' is a necessary foundation for being able to give and receive intimately with others.

I'm finding the relationship with Self requires as much (if not more) ongoing cultivation than the relationships we have with others.

If life truly is all about relationships, then having a super solid one with ourselves, ALL FIVE BODIES , is worth the investment.



Confessions of a Sex Coach (video 7)

HOLY SHIT!!!! Everything IS connected.

Click image to watch video

Here's the previous post called, Hiding From You.

And here's what I wrote in my Face Book post earlier this week:

Awareness Alert!

I just met someone who has a genetic condition called neurofibromatosis (he looked like the pic of the man below). I can only imagine what life is like for him on a daily basis. I have been hiding my face from the world because of this one lump (which I can camouflage with my hair). He cannot hide and yet he works as a barista at SBUX where hundreds (prob 1000s) of people will see him every day.


I've been comparing myself to others - the beauties I see and quietly wish I was more like PHYSICALLY (which includes old photos of myself, btw). But the reality is I AM NOT THEM and I will never be.

I walked away from that coffee joint feeling compassion for that dude and disappointment in myself.

The truth is I currently have a tumor and my judgement of it and my physical appearance is the number one reason I haven't been living my life to its absolute fullest. And as much as I can extend compassion and suspend my judgement of others.... I haven't granted MYSELF that same kindness.

That's what I find disappointing.

A dear friend said to me 2 days ago "Colette, when you come out of hiding and let the world see you, you will have more (love, money, opportunities, etc) than you can handle."

The experience of lack (of love, money, sex, travel) has been prevalent for a while... The awareness I received today from simply buying espresso from that guy at the coffee shop is a huge fucking eye opener for me.

This tumor may grow or shrink or get surgically removed one day. Just like my face will get wrinkles and my tits will sag one day. The thing about that is: SO FUCKING WHAT!

I'm done letting AN IDEA of what I should look like keep me from showing my face (which is representative of SHOWING UP for myself) to the world. I've got something to say and share and it I KNOW it will positively impact the lives of women (and men) everywhere.

So I guess this turned out to be some sort of declaration. (totally unintended 😳) and to the guy at SBUX w neurofibromatosis: THANK YOU for being a mirror for this gal.

I welcome the opportunity to support you... to be a mirror for you.  If you have a challenge you'd like to move past, take advantage of my 30-minute complimentary Clarify & Connect call. Just click the button to schedule.

XOXO, Colette

Confessions of a Sex Coach

Confession: I missed a confession. I've been deep in a personal struggle and have been reluctant to reveal any of it until now.  My hope was that I could "figure it out" and save myself and my partner from the pain of a break up. 

But the truth is this on-going attempt to solve the problem is hijacking my most precious and valuable resource. My energy. 

I realized yesterday that I've been confusing fear and attachment for love and commitment. While there is a vast amount of love present, there's more fear and attachment. I've also been trying to prevent Matt from feeling pain and shutting down. But he's already feeling this and has been closed off from me for some time. Plus, his experiences are not mine to bare, fix, or heal.

I recognize now that REAL LOVE is expansive and inclusive, not limited or confining. Real love does not attach or possess anyone or anything. I have been attached to the IDEA of a real love relationship with Matt, not actually in one.

I've been holding on and hoping for the kind of love and intimacy that come from two people seeing the infinite possibilities in one another and all of humanity. This simply is not where we are and my spirit cannot tolerate the mediocrity of this union any longer.

I have been avoiding speaking my truth and standing up for what I believe and want for my life.  My coping strategy is to 'numb out' with food and television and to isolate myself so as to avoid the pain of a break up.  I haven't trusted myself to handle the hurt. I haven't believed in my ability to be self-sufficient. I haven't honored my greatest gift of generative sexual energy. I've kept myself small and dependent and quiet and subdued.

I've been manipulating the circumstances to insulate myself from the gut-wrenching pain of facing the world ON MY OWN and to keep my soul from total exposure.

There's something deeply satisfying about knowing I can be a complete weirdo and Matt would be there by my side through it all. In fact, he has been.  I've been in a mild to moderate depression for a few years with moments of severity.  Matt has ALWAYS been by my side.  He is relentlessly loyal and selfless in so many ways. I am and will forever be grateful to him for partnering with me on this journey.

I'm not easy to be with. I have cosmic views of life and relationship. My values and beliefs can be uncommon and unpopular even. I want to be free and love openly. I want to be treasured and at the same time allowed to roam, following my whim. I want 'my person' to be there no-matter-what AND I want to be independent.

My thoughts and actions have been erratic because my head and heart have been at odds.

It's time to retrieve my spirit, center myself, and set free the attachments I've had a fucking kung-fu grip on. Give me LIBERTY or give me...some nachos and netflix.

I owe it to myself and to Matt to honor to my highest purpose, my deepest truth.

I am who I am and Matt is who he is and we are not presently loving one another freely. Our love is conditional. It is confining. We are holding on to the idea of REAL LOVE existing between us and that attachment is holding us each back from our greatest lives.

I've tried subtly sacrificing myself, my ideals, my vision for who I want to be in the world. It's not a workable strategy for being happy.  Freedom is my happiness. I am soooo ready for happiness to flood my life and fill my head and heart to the brim.

Freedom + Love = Happiness

Confessions of a Sex Coach (video 6)

Today's confession is all in the video as I am processing my present revelation and will write more when I have something to share.

click on image to watch video

Confessions of a Sex Coach (sans video)

Hello Humans!
I'm feeling a really interesting buzz today. I spent some time meditating in the tub this morning. I'm also reading 2 books by Dr. David R. Hawkins, Power vs. Force and Letting Go. (these are 2 of the 3 books I'm reading at present) The insight I'm getting is all about SURRENDER.

My confession today is this: 

When it comes to energy and emotion (which is just energy IN motion), I've been in a pattern of Express, Suppress, Escape, and Avoid. The result of which is a sludge-like experience in my body and cloudiness in my mind and, I suspect, the lack of flow/abundance in my coaching practice.

Express- The Confessions series is an example of this. I also have moments with Matt in which I reveal my deepest desires and fears. The trouble, however, comes when I only partially express (keeping the real depth hidden) or I fail to follow through on that expression.

Suppress- This is a conscious choice to keep shit to myself or bury it...or in my case, swallow it. This is a very dangerous and debilitating practice. It is the result of on-going fear, shame, guilt and so on. Suppression of feelings (energy/emotions) is the root cause of many, if not all, illness. Yep. I just said that.

Escape- This is probably really familiar to everyone... we normalize escape through television watching, alcohol and drugs, over- or emotional-eating, excessive sleep, meaningless sex, mindless shopping and the like. Each of which I have had personal relationships with. They don't ultimately work, trust me. That thing we're trying to escape? It's still there.

Avoid- Now this is a tricky one. Avoiding can appear like we're doing good. This is the passionate work-aholic, the devoted doting mom, the super fit guy/gal. We all admire these people. It's culturally popular to DO all these things. If we look closely, however, it's very likely each of them is NOT actually feeling what there is to feel. They're not addressing something within the inner-most aspect of themselves. That's why they seek satisfaction in external experiences. Personally, I've avoided facing myself (and addressing my stuff) by trying to "help" others.  The problem in that is I show up with my "stuff" coloring the landscape of the interaction.  This limits my ability to be of great service to people.

When I look at this, it becomes evident that no matter how intent I am on "making it happen" or manifesting my vision, if I don't address the energy crisis I will not succeed. That's where the concept of "surrender" comes in.  

Letting go is not an action inasmuch as it is a quality.  In other words, there's nothing I have to DO to experience surrender. Of course, there are practices that will support this way of being like meditation, yoga, breathwork, etc. But the true essence of surrender is a state of being.

When I talk about states of being, I am referring to joy, love, peace, as well as fear, helplessness, anxiety.  These are all examples of states we humans experience. The common misconception around states of being is we think there's something we have to DO to experience them. Not true. That's GOOD NEWS, friends! You can be in the shittiest circumstances and, through surrender, immediately experience peace. You can be all bogged down with worry and stress and surrender in the moment, and literally in an instant, feel love or hope.

This is the new addition to my strategy for manifesting my vision. Surrender. 

Here are a few words from my morning journal sesh that followed my meditation:

Express, Suppress, Escape, and Avoid.  This has been my pattern. I am here-by breaking it on behalf of my intention to heal. I now surrender to what is. I now let go of the past and present feelings and thoughts that contribute to that pattern. I now release the sludge from my body and the blocks from my energy field. I now command the clouds to clear from my mind and all of my body's systems to instantly restore to their optimal functions. I am now willing to be the source for all my needs and wants. I am now willing to surrender to God and Goddess and Universal Mind. I am now willing to to be guided by the Great Force, Nature herself. I am now FREE.

I realize this post may be a little "out there" for some people.  That's a-ok.  Since the purpose of the Confessions project is my own growth and healing, I'm not sharing this to get popularity points.  I trust that my public display of personal growth is doing some good beyond my own limited experience.  And just as a heads-up, if you are human you have "stuff" that resides in your inner-most Self that wants to be addressed.  Consider that you are here to do just that. :)

Thanks for allowing me this expression of mySelf.

Confessions of a Sex Coach (video 6)

Today's confession is a "buy one get 3 free" situation.  What a deal!

Be sure to WATCH the video before reading the blog post or you might not get it.

Click image to watch video

I'm a day late with this post.  Not because I forgot or because I'm lazy, but because I had the great pleasure of working with clients that filled my schedule yesterday. Sure, I could've stayed late and pushed something out for you guys, but that's not how I roll.

Also, since we're about 2 months into a 6-month program, now is a good time to assess what's what. A lot has happened over the last 60 days and some of it is right in line with what I intended and some of it isn't.

My biggest "goal" is to establish integrity.  I have a vision in my mind of what my ideal life looks like, inclusive of who I am being, what I'm doing and the results of that.  I started this project confessing that my reality was NOT in alignment with my vision. Take a look at what Confession #1 revealed:

  • I suck at being consistent -- with exercise, clean eating, paying down debt, writing, etc.  
  • I've never actually had a bonafied business before and I'm not sure I can hack it as an entrepreneur.
  • Inner conflict #1: I want help/support with the day-to-day and I feel like I have to do it all myself. 
  • Inner conflict #2: I want to speak/present to large audiences and I'm scared shitless to be seen. 
  • I haven't had sex in months. (how's that for a confession?)  

I followed this with a breakdance...I mean breakdown that lead to this strategy:

And while I've been following this strategy somewhat, I haven't been entirely. So here's what's what.

I have NOT been exercising 3+ days a week with a friend.  I started out so strong and then derailed.  I have not actually exercised in over a week now.  I have been, however, using the morning to write and be creative. So in that regard, I AM doing what I said I would.

Next, I said Saturday and Sunday were to be specially designated for sensual pleasure and shop-prep-play.  That hasn't been the case entirely.  This has proven to be an unrealistic strategy for me to maintain relentlessly.  I am committed to sensual just doesn't have to occur specifically on Saturday.

Confession: Sensual Self-Pleasure is actually a BIG part of my creative process. 

I DARE you to tweet that!

As for a piggy bank for savings and paying off debt.  That shit is not happening. But I am selling a house that I've been holding on to for a past partner (current friend).  I won't go into the details other than to say my loyalty and commitment to agreements I make with others sometimes creates a personal detriment for myself. This recognition is result of my inner work.  So I'll be paying off debt and putting some dollas in the bank, yo!  Soon.

Now to address that old hag of a pattern that fears responsibility.  I am 100% stepping into my leadership role.  Owning my shit and expressing myself FULLY.

Take that ya old hag~!

To complete the strategy assessment, I have created a few media pitches, talks, and articles AND I am now focused on writing a book.  The book will serve as the foundation for all my programs and products that you will see birthed in the near future.

I'm creating AMPLOVEFY as a means of helping women identify themselves and leverage their unique gifts so they can create a (love) life they previously thought was not possible. To say I am excited about it is a massive understatement.

I suppose I should address the final confession from the video.  Healing above all else.

Maybe growth and development doesn't "start" with healing but instead it's a part of it. I am willing to look at it from a circular perspective rather than a linear one. Nature is circular, or cyclical. Nature expand and contracts. I think I honor that as an aspect of my healing.  This relates, too, to what I'm doing here with my stated commitments and the corresponding strategy I've created.

What if healing--which IS a part of my vision, doesn't look they way I think it should?

Maybe it is a result of remaining open rather than fixed or attached. One thing is for sure, it's not an intellectual pursuit.  There's only so much I need to understand to heal. What there is to do with the knowledge I have cultivated over the last 7+ years is weave it together with my intuition (while remaining open to all possibilities), set the intention, and be deliberate and consistent in my actions.  

This insight has lead me to being uber mindful of where my energy is spent. I'm now allowing attachments to dissolve and expectations to dissipate. I am willing to give up what I have held on to so fucking hard in order to heal.

I imagine THIS is what it means to be in integrity, spiritually.  And THAT is my commitment above all else.

I'm ready for the change, the new season, the next chapter...BRING IT ON.

Confessions of a Sex Coach (video 5)

Call me crazy!  In today's video I reveal the voices I'm hearing and what I'm doing about it.

Click on image to watch video

Ok. Ok. I'm taking a little liberty calling that a confession.  There are a lot of people who talk with their guides in a meditative state.  

I'm not always going to be sharing something dark and vulnerable with you guys. I need to be able to express playfulness, too, when that's the space I'm in.  

What there is to get here is that I'm consciously choosing to work on myself and display this journey publicly.  So there's gonna be all kinds of stuff involved in this.

Today, I'm sharing that my meditation put me in contact with my Guiding Goddesses. (side note: I just Googled "Guiding Goddess" and it's some chick selling waist trainers... That's not what I'm referring to here.)

My Guides respond to the open-ended questions I relay in an effort to align with the best version of myself. The message I'm getting now is one of healing. Heck, they always are, this time I'm just more receptive to hearing it.

If you read my last post, you'll recall that I've been spending some time in an introspective state.  One of the things I'm noticing is how I expect the introspection to sort of hurry up and give me what I need and come to a conclusion so I can get to DOING it already!  And by doing it, I mean creating the Big, Bold, Badass life I envision for myself. ;-)

The introspective phase is lasting longer than I want it to and I'm learning to be cool with it.

I imagine I will hit the ground running when I've gotten all there is to get here.  I look forward to consistently implementing the actions that come from the awareness and insight I'm allowing to surface.  And I'm practicing patience in the meantime.

It's like I'm "taking a vacation" from the previous perception I held about HOW I should be building my business and manifesting my vision.  Who knows, it may be a permanent vacay.

Maybe that's what there is to let go of... a perception of HOW things should go.  I can recall the ways in which I have thought healing would occur for me.  Seriously, I have tried more than a dozen methods that I thought were the answer.  What if instead of focusing on HOW, I focused on WHAT I intend?  What if this sorts out all the details for me?

In other words, if I focus on the result I'm intending -- the experience of being healed, then any choices there are to make become obvious.

That sounds like a useful motivator to me.  We'll see how it goes.

Here's an update on my status based on my commitments and strategy:

  • Writing 5 days a week-- it's more like 4 days/week (maybe this is my sweet spot?)
  • Create/Send pitches, articles, etc-- I haven't done this in 2 weeks.
  • Exercise 3+ days/week with a friend-- I have slacked off on this. Picking back up tomorrow!
  • Saving $20/week-- I've a new plan for being debt free with $$ in the bank--sell my investment property!
  • Saturday is pleasure-day-- I'm organizing the environment to support this.
  • Sunday is set myself up for success-day-- Not consistently... there's room for improvement.
  • 100% aware of the old pattern-- I am stepping into responsibility more now than ever!
  • On track for being in alignment with my vision by 12/31/15-- HELL YES...even with the "pause for introspection"!


Confessions of a Sex Coach (video 4)

If you didn't get a chance to watch and read the last episode I recommend doing that first.  Heck, if you haven't seen episodes 1 through 3 go back and do that! ;-) 

In today's confession, I am sharing where I'm at currently and why.  This may appear contrary to the last episode, but it's not.  All things are connected.

Click image to watch video

The American culture doesn't value self-care as highly as it does "work".  In fact, when we think of self-care we tend to think of vacations and massages and the like. It may help, therefore, to language this in a different way...a way our Americanized brains won't judge as some sort of reward for having done the "real work".  Be assured, what I speak of is most certainly WORK.

Try this:

  • Self work
  • Inner work
  • Primary work
  • Personal work
  • Personal development

What would YOU call it?  Come up with something that your thinking can assimilate in a positive and empowering way.

I imagine we will eventually evolve to value this kind of "work" like we have fitness. Fitness wasn't immensely popular and cool and a part of most people's routines a few decades ago.  But look how hot and sexy it is now.  

Oh, and guess what?  It's a form of self-care.

The point is, to be the very best version of myself and to manifest the Big, Bold, Badass vision I have requires some inner work and self-care.

I have taken the time since last Friday to focus my energy on the messages and their meanings that come from being still and silent.  Interestingly, this is all occurring as Venus goes Retrograde. (actually, it's not interesting to me at all since I am super sensitive to planetary happenings)

Side note: Over the last week, in this introspective, receptive space I have had more clients than the previous 3 weeks combined.  

In the last confession, I talked about sales and revenue and building a business.  I indicated that these have been challenging for me and that to become fluent in that language would require me to grow and "Step into the shoes of the Warrior archetype".  

The Warrior is someone who goes after what she wants, who controls and commands to achieve her goals.  The energy is very much an effort-filled one.  The Warrior sees the world (or their respective industry) as a place to conquer.  Many business moguls are this archetype.

By contrast, the Lover archetype will allow the Universe to provide for her.  She is always receptive and engages the present moment as a unique gift.  She, by virtue of her inviting nature, is the ultimate host for intimate gatherings...of people, of ideas, of energy and resources.  Many healers are Lovers, archetypically speaking.

I've been pursuing a theory that we each have all four fundamental archetypes within us.  They take up residence in a specific order.  Primary, secondary, tertiary, quaternary.

As a reminder the 4 types are:

  1. Lover
  2. Warrior
  3. Mystic/Magician
  4. Queen/King

And there are many, many others that are extension of these, of course.

In my theory, the FULLEST expression of our individual human being-ness comes from activating all 4 archetypes.  This means that we must develop the qualities within ourselves that don't necessarily come easy.  

That's the inner work.

I know I can sit back and let the Lover do her thang, healing and live a lovely life of ease and grace.  

AND I have a massive vision that needs the Warrior in me to step up.

I've been driven by the notion that the way I am to serve the planet is by ushering in a new-found awareness for the importance of intimacy and connection among people -- starting with the individual and primary relationships. (I mean seriously, am I the LOVER or what!?! lol) 

I see sex as a vehicle (among other things) for full self-expression.  It can be a joy-filled, pleasure-rich, magical, transformational experience IF we allow ourselves to SEE it as such. (click to tweet!)

I can envision this way of being with sex facilitating healing on a primal level.

I see this healing not only our bodies...and there are SO MANY OF US dealing with illness, pain, and suffering...but our minds, hearts, and souls as well. Which is precisely what the world needs.  BADLY.

The problem is we don't SEE ourselves as connected to one another or nature and her inhabitants. A glaring example is the killing of Cecil the lion and other trophy hunts like it.

It is possible that this ugly experience had to occur for us to start to see ourselves and the world around us differently.

Think about it, 15 years ago there was no Facebook so something like what we're witnessing now could have (and certainly did) happen without any global awareness and impact.  The internet, as a unifying tool, has created a massive-scale awareness for the blatant disregard for life.  So we can come together and correct the injustice, if we choose.

If we were truly evolved people, however, we wouldn't shame and destroy these offenders.  We would come together to help heal them. What torment must they possess in their minds, hearts, and souls to consciously choose to murder animals for sport?

I do understand the destruction from shame can be a catalyst for healing and self-discovery.  Just like illness can be what causes someone to awaken to a more purposeful and conscious way of life. So maybe there's actually good and purpose in all the disease our planet is enduring?

We can only change how we're being if we do the inner work and choose to SEE the symbolism in the pain and suffering.

Drugs and surgery and shame and destruction.  These are not the answers.

While we are getting closer to healing, we sure as hell are taking our time to evolve. Inner work, intimacy with the Self, connection and the on-going experience of love for self and others and the world around us...  

These are the answers.

I know this has been a hodge-podge of a blog post so thank you for taking the time out of your beautiful life to hear me.  

I'll tie it all together by saying this:

I am the Lover and I'm here to usher in greater awareness of the importance of love, intimacy, and connection -- on whatever scale I can manage.  I am in the process of developing my skills as the Warrior to be BIG in the world and spread the message far and wide (conquering some hate and fear along the way!)...


My Big, Bold, Badass request is that YOU do your own inner work (aka self-care) and seek to know your greatest gifts.  

I am here to support you and be the "side-kick to your SUPER HERO" if you want me to.

With bigtime graciousness, 


Confessions of a Sex Coach (video 3)

Holy crap!  Is it already the 20th? It totally sneaked up on me!  

I spent the entire weekend on a home improvement project that included replacing 90% of the plumbing under my kitchen sink and demo-ing a cabinet so the new frig would fit.  I live in a tiny little house, called The Bentwood Bungalow, that was built in 1949 and is all original with a few exceptions.  We're slowly making it more enjoyable for our modern-day lifestyle. :)

Today I'm going to talk business.  Specifically, sales.  That used to be a "bad word" for me until really recently.  

My confession for today is that even though I envision myself as a Big, Bold, Badass Entrepreneurial Goddess I struggle with consistently generating revenue and to do so I must shift my view of sales.  

Hell, I didn't even start using the term "revenue" until the last few months.


With the exception of the first job I got right outta high school at Malibu Grand Prix in San Antonio, I've ALWAYS worked for myself.  Even when I was a call girl I was an independent contractor.  (Maybe one day I'll share memoir-like with ya about that period of my life.)

Here's the thing.  I've always worked for myself, and I've never treated the work I do like a BUSINESS.  It's been brought to my attention that I've been approaching things from a "healer mind-set" rather than a "holistic entrepreneur".  So basically my faith in the Universe has been my economic model (I just learned that phrase, too.) 

And while for a long time that sufficed for me, it no longer does.  

Don't misunderstand, I still have faith in the infinite wisdom and abundance of the Universe (feel free to use the word God here, if you like that better).  In fact, I suspect that is precisely what's compelling me to grow and see things from another angle. 

I've relied on my gifts as the Lover and the Mystic archetypes which include the following:

  • Charming
  • Present
  • Playful
  • Social
  • Adventurous
  • Perceptive
  • Imaginative
  • Spiritual
  • Empathic
  • Receptive
  • Untraditional

And now it's time to develop my dormant gifts, those of the Warrior and Queen archetypes. Check out the qualities they are known for:

  • Organized
  • Decisive
  • Ambitious
  • Competitive
  • Principled
  • Devoted
  • Unrelenting
  • Responsible
  • Ambitious
  • Action-Oriented

As I strengthen my areas of weakness (the Warrior and Queen qualities) I know that my vision is dependent on me being the BEST VERSION of myself and that I am capable of more than I have been so far.  

Allowing myself to be cool with the word, "sales", is a good starting point.  

If I am to realize my vision of "a global community of women executives and entrepreneurs who are tuned-in and turned-on, activating their hearts’ desires and manifesting lives they LOVE" it will be because, thousands of women bought what I'm selling.

What I'm selling is the promise of passion, pleasure, and play.   (TWEET IT)

My BUSINESS is a personal growth and development company for women who want it all. I partner with smart and stylish entrepreneurs & executives who recognize the value in finding their rhythm to harmonize their professional and personal lives.

The coaching programs (I sell) are designed to accurately expose the client's most authentic desires and compelling vision. We leverage your strengths while overcoming weaknesses, and utilize a custom co-created strategy that yields transformational results.

I have created AMPLOVEFY (my biz) because it takes personal growth and development and makes it COOL and FUN.  And that's exactly the kind of program I want to be in to create the FABULOUS life I desire.

So I guess you could say I'm selling A FABULOUS LIFE TO WOMEN WHO WANT IT ALL (and that includes ME).  I can totally get on board with that.  

Knowing that, I am no longer gagging at the mention of the word "sales" as it pertains to my business.  And I am learning and growing to achieve the results I desire.

Oh, and I stand behind what I'm selling...this series of confessions, aka a public display of personal growth, is me DOING my 6-month program.

I hope this episode serves you in some way.

If you want to talk privately with me about manifesting YOUR Big, Bold, Badass (and FAB) life, schedule a 30-minute complimentary Clarify & Connect Call.  It's free of charge. :)

See you again soon!