Love vs. Fear

Two streams run side by side - so close to one another it's very easy to hop from one to the next. 

One stream is LOVE. It's clear, pure light, beautiful, float on this stream. 

The other stream is FEAR.  It's cloudy, cold, loud, and draws you downward as if being caught in a whirlpool. 

These streams flow within us and all around us.  The former dictates the latter.  Meaning, where we are within, so then is our outward experience. It is not the reverse. 

To tap into the LOVE current one must be AWARE of the duality of Love vs. Fear consciousness.  One must be HONEST about where they are now and OPEN to all possibilities.  TRUST that Grace is by your side and be HUMBLE and THANKFUL for ALL that is present.  

We CAN CHOOSE which stream to swim in... If you would like to swim in the current of LOVE...I will guide you to it.