Not all love relationships are meant to last a lifetime. Some are powerful short-term vessels for growth and awakening. Too often we settle for something that we have attached ourselves to -- and suffer as a result of that attachment. Do not confuse attachment for commitment. Be curious about love. Don't confine it to a single solitary relationship and expect it to thrive in that bubble.

Love...Trust...Honor YourSelf.

Be in a love relationship with yourSelf first and always. Do not give this up to be in one with someone else. If you have, re-establish the connection with you -- the source of all life in your very heart. From there, ask the question, "Does this other person truly see me?"

If the answer is no, it is not your job to teach them how to see you. The journey into "seeing" is each our own to go on. Allow them the space to find out who they truly are. When they recognize and connect to the source of all life in their very own heart they will then be able to see -- to love, to trust, and to honor themselves and others. 

It's ok that this journey may be taken without you. It may well be because of you.

Love...Trust...Honor YourSelf.


colette davenport

Colette is an intimacy expert who loves helping married working moms stop struggling and start having the kind of marriage and family they know is possible. Her upcoming book, From Call Girl to Calling, is both a telling of Colette's story and a teaching of how to turn your obstacles into opportunities for growth and personal fulfilment.