For Men

You are between 30 and 60, work a lot, and want your swagger (and sex life) back. Here are your best options.


swagger school is the ideal program for men who want to share their success with someone special but have trouble connecting with the right women.


Swagger School for Successful Single Guys:

Go From Striking Out With Women to Having Confidence, Charisma, and the Skills to Capture Her Heart   

This program is best for single above-average professionals and entrepreneurs in need of a streamlined process that results in a passionate personal (and sex) life... in addition to continued professional success.


  • Swagger Strategy: Discover and Bring Your BEST to the Table
  • Get Out of the Friend Zone and Into the End Zone - How to Score the Right Woman for YOU
  • A Step-By-Step Guide for Becoming an Extraordinary Lover
  • Commitment Class: How to Be in a Relationship without Giving Up Your Individuality, Career Goals or Freedom 

This is a 4-month (12-session) program delivered in the most effective & efficient method possible. Coaching calls are 45 minutes long, supported by virtual training videos, webinars, and other exercises that can be completed in 15-30 minutes each.

Are you single and ready for a great relationship? 

this program is For men who want to overcome "Ed" or "Pme" and satisfy your woman every time...without relying on the little blue pill.


The Sexually Confident Man Program:

From Performance Anxiety to Mutually Satisfying Sex Without Relying on the Little Blue Pill.

This 4-month program for mature high-achievers includes 12 one-on-one calls along with support materials like videos, webinars, action guides, articles, etc. Below are the outcomes you can expect.

  1. Get “King of the Jungle” Confident —Trust Your Body Will Do What You Want When It Matters
  2. Make Passionate Love With Your Lady “Lioness” —No More Need For Porn (or Escorts)
  3. Make Love Last …As Long As You Like —Slowly Set Free the Lion in Your Loins
  4. How to Make Your Lioness Hungry for YOU —Welcome to the Jungle, Baby!

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Which approach is right for you?


Which Approach is the Right One for You? 

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