For Women

You're overstretched at work, with the kids (or both) and you're in (or on your way to being in) a sexless marriage. These programs were created to solve your problems.


You have success at work (and you're a super mom) but you need help transforming into the hot sexy lover you and your partner would enjoy. this program is for you.


The Fully Satisfied Woman Program

Get Your Husband to Pitch In, Get Yourself Turned On, and Have the Kind of Relationship and Family You Know Is Possible

This VIP coaching program is perfect for the overstretched mom who is frustrated and emotionally shut down. Go from feeling "stuck and numb" to aroused and alive...inside your marriage.

In four short months you will:

  • Finally Have the Time and Energy You Just Can’t Seem to Find
  • Learn to Trust and Unleash Your Desire With Your Man...Even If You’re Not Remotely Turned On By Him Right Now

  • Teach Him to Seduce You and Focus on Your Pleasure

  • Turn Your Family Into a Powerful Cohesive Team...So You Can Finally Relax and Enjoy the Life You Worked So Hard to Build

Bonus: How to Get Out of Mommy-Mode and Be Sexy for Him.

Included are 12 one-on-one coaching calls along with support materials like videos, webinars, action guides, articles, etc. 


The intimately awakened woman Program is for busy professionals  And/or moms who are missing the intimate connection with themselves and their partner.  


 Quick Start to Communication Course   (The Quickie)

4-week secret strategy to understand what’s going on (especially with him) so you two can get on the same page...and get it on again

This program is for women who want results specifically in the area of communication. In 4 weeks you will see and feel a new aliveness in your relationship and life. We'll move quickly to help you ramp up the intimacy, love and connection you've been missing.

Week 1: The courage to say what’s on your mind and in your heart - Learn to "make friends" with the mean girl in your head (and shut her the hell up!)

Week 2: See him in a new light - Learn a new way to talk to and be with him 

Week 3: Get out of your head to get into his - Learn heart based communication skills

Week 4: Body Talk - let your renewed connection reignite your sex life - Learn 3 sensuality tools for arousal and intimacy


Check out this INTERVIEW where Colette speaks about what it means to be an Intimately Awakened Woman and what you can do RIGHT NOW to be that.

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Not sure which program is right for you?

Colette offers complimentary 45-minute calls to help you determine what your next step is toward an amazing sex life and intimate relationship. Click the button to apply for your Clarify and Connect Call.


I've helped women just like you overcome the overwhelm that comes from doing too much and not taking care of yourself. My clients have awakened a side of themselves they thought was gone for good. I've witnessed women emerge with more energy, clarity, and focus so they can confidently ask for what they want and need from their partners. I've helped couples reclaim their intimate connection and create an atmosphere of love and cooperation in the home.
I can help you, too.         ~ Colette