Colette uses wit, metaphor and revealing story to engage her audiences in a loving and no-bull shit way. She invites each listener to gain a new understanding of themselves and others so they can relate more effectively. As a result her audiences feel less anxious and more connected and are able to focus once again on their personal desires and purpose-fueled goals.

Miss Davenport is devoted to facilitating conversations about intimacy in ALL relationships. Often the listener's point of view shifts, turning their problems into possibilities, leading to meaningful and fulfilling relationships with themselves, their partners (personal and professional), and even their friends and families. Colette's genius is expressed through engaging women to create an intimate relationship with their deepest desires so they can ask for what they want...and GET IT.

In addition to being a guest expert on several podcasts and telesummits, Colette was interviewed along with the founder of Austin Woman Magazine, Melinda Garvey, on JB in the Morning - a radio show on Classic 105.3. ( CLICK HERE for the segment recording) and was a featured speaker at the Fall 2016 G3 Women's Conference in Sonoma, CA. [See Media Kit for more]


The following are talk topics Colette offers. Contact us to discuss custom created expert-led conversations for your group or company.

Intimacy: The Untapped Resource - How to Use it to Increase Your Influence and Grow Your Bottom Line - A new area of exploration for women in business (note: this is NOT referring to sexual intimacy)

How Lack of Confidence Keeps You Exhausted and Stressed Out - An exploration in the power of self-awareness and the energy of emotional states

How Tantra Puts You at the Top of Your Game - What every crazy-busy entrepreneur (or executive) needs to know and practice to get a head of the competition

Real Intimacy in a Virtual World - A 4-step strategy for staying deeply connected to your spouse - so you don't end up living like roommates (Perfect for overstretched boss ladies, super moms)

The Key to Effective Communication is YOUR DESIRE - Know it. Trust it. Express it. Or suffer the consequences of not being heard or acknowledged

From Crisis to Calling - How a tumor turned my life upside down and gave me the confidence to talk about sex & intimacy

Confidence in the Face of Challenge - How to be confident, feel sexy, and kick ass after (or with) a major health challenge 

Awaken the Lover Within - A talk exclusively for women with health conditions who want to resurrect their intimate relationships


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