Colette Davenport is a Master Empath and CEO of Badass Empath United, a global organization that provides personal and professional development exclusively for empaths. She is an international coach and speaker, and author of Get Your Magic Back.

Colette’s 20+ years of experience in the relationship field, along with her personal health crisis, and her fine tuned empathic abilities generated a unique vision for the future of the highly sensitive community. She believes empaths can only live up to their full potential through emotional mastery and speaking their truth. When this happens on a global scale, the world as we know it will shift from fear to love.

“In my early experience as an empath, not having the awareness and tools to navigate my sensitivities made me feel broken and alone. My self-esteem was tied to the acceptance of others. I made myself sick trying to fit in and be normal, and as such, I suffered from depression, anxiety, and addiction. Over the course of two decades I’ve learned how to establish healthy boundaries, speak my truth, give zero fucks about fitting in, and connect deeply with people who get me. I share my wisdom and systems with other empaths who are ready to be the badasses they were born to be.”

Colette's approach to empathic development is uniquely suited to today's achievement-oriented lifestyle. She engages people in a loving and no-bullshit conversation so they can get clear, get connected, and get on with living an extraordinary life. Private clients and presentation audiences are able to understand their soul’s purpose, pinpoint personal barriers, and effectively navigate the uncomfortable emotions that tend to get in the way. VIP programs generate lasting transformation (rather than instant gratification), leading to a client's "New Normal". 

In an effort to contribute to her community, in 2009 Colette founded Cause to Celebrate. The non-profit produced events to raise funds and awareness for charities like Life Works, Safe Place, and The Austin Zoo while giving sponsoring local businesses exposure to the philanthropic social segment.