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In most Western societies, sex is viewed as a physical and often taboo act between two people with the goal of reaching physical orgasm. It's something we "do" rather than part of who we "are".  Most people understand that there is a certain amount of chemistry behind it but only insomuch as there are certain areas that stimulate pleasure and certain chemicals that are released during orgasm. It’s still regarded as a purely physical act, regardless of the fact that you may use mental stimulation to reach orgasm. Not so with tantric sex.

Tantric sex is a whole other ballgame. All pretenses are dropped. There’s no need to pretend that you’re a wonderful lover because that defeats the purpose of the act. Tantric sex is all about two people coming together in search of enlightenment, self-awareness and spiritual ecstasy. The body is there and participating but it isn’t the central focus; instead it’s the vehicle.

Tantric Energy

Practitioners of tantric sex appreciate the energy that sex generates. This is a pure energy, with no negative force or connotation to it at all. It is purely good. So good, in fact, that it permeates the entire universe. It’s an all-encompassing life energy that strengthens everything and everybody that it comes into contact with and the fact that we have that within us puts us at a level with "the gods" when we participate in tantric sex correctly.  You may have heard this energy called Chi, or Prana, or Kundalini, or Shakti.

Tantric Equality

Because everything has a contradictory force, male and female aren’t recognized as separate forces but rather as equal yet opposite polarities that come together in every person. Men have female energies and women have male energies. Much like the yin and yang, dark and light, or up and down, male and female are simply two inseparable parts of the same whole.

Taking that into consideration, during tantric sex, there is no leader or follower, no master and student. There are only two parts of the same whole coming together to create one of the most powerful forces in the universe: love.  Love is the word we give to represent that which moves us, that which is pure and unbounded.  

Tantric Life Force

When male and female halves come together in an authentically tantric way, setting aside all Western misconceptions, fears and inhibitions, pure energy - life force may be harnessed. Because tantric sex is simply about enjoying the energy and reaching enlightenment, all of that garbage and pressure to perform can be set aside. This leaves room for the natural life force, the Kundalini - Shakti, to be released.

When you truly come together, and reach that level of enlightenment, the intense life force that you will experience will be better than any physical orgasm you’ve ever experienced. You’ll be in touch with everything in the universe and will be able to exchange this healing, powerful, joyful energy with everything around you. This is truly the intention of tantric sex.  And like anything else worthwhile, it must be practiced to be continually experienced.  

What is Kundalini-Shakti?

"In India, kundalini is personified as the Divine Mother: Shakti Ma, Kali Ma, or other goddesses. She is the feminine power at the base of the spine, which travels up the spine to unite with the masculine power, her consort, Lord Shiva (Shakta), in the seventh chakra, sahasrara. This union of opposites is a powerful symbol depicted in all cultures.

In the ancient scriptures, kundalini is described in three different manifestations. The first is unmanifest cosmic energy: Para-kundalini. The second is vital energy of the created universe: Prana-kundalini. The third is consciousness: Shakti-kundalini, the intermediary between the other two.

Shakti-kundalini is the link to higher awareness, the revealer of all mantras, and the eternal source of bliss flowing from sahasrara (crown chakra). Through her shristi krama (process of creation), she creates by descending from sahasrara through all the chakras. She sustains by abiding in the muladhara chakra. Through her laya karma (process of absorption), she destroys or dissolves by ascending and returning to sahasrara.

When Shakti descends to the lower chakras, she is known as jagan mohini (world bewilder) and causes maya: delusion, limitation, ignorance, and ensnarement in material life. As she descends, she becomes grosser and loses her power and subtlety.

As kundalini shakti ascends through the chakras, she becomes subtler. On her pathway upward, she reabsorbs all the creative principles that originally descended from sahasrara. This is called laya-absorption. During this homeward journey, Shakti removes the veils of maya (illusion), which evaporate like a mirage.

As kundalini ascends through the chakras, mental limitations are gradually removed so consciousness can shine in its pristine glory. Mental fluctuations settle down and the mind becomes serene. Awareness flows smoothly and the mind becomes a vehicle for bliss and happiness.

At sahasrara chakra kundalini merges with Shiva, who is identified with her. In her formless state she is consciousness. In her creative form she is Shakti, the power of manifestation.

Therefore, kundalini's descent creates increasing ignorance, bondage, and delusion. The same kundalini energy, as it ascends, causes spiritual awakening, freedom, and wisdom."

Exploring Chakras: Awaken Your Untapped Energy
Susan G. Shumsky, New Page Books (January 1, 2003) pp. 70-1

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