Feel It to Be It

I'm reading a book called "The Divine Matrix" by Gregg Braden. In it, the author explains how emotions(FEELINGS) are the language of the matrix and prayer is how we express our intentions to the Universe. What struck me anew was this: When we ASK for something (in prayer, perhaps) or talk with each other about how we WANT something or we're WORKING TOWARD something we're still FEELING as though we are not yet that something or we don't have it, whatever "it" is. The key is to FEEL as though you ALREADY ARE whatever, that you HAVE SUCCEEDED in reaching your goal. This is what world class athletes do. This is what those who've spontaneously healed did. When we truly 'get' the POWER we have to heal and/or manifest something we also experience less anxiety around the NEED to do so. We find compassion and love for who/how/what we are and have in this world. And while in a state of peace (vs anxiety) we cultivate the FEELINGS of victory, achievement, success, health, love, etc. Which is very different than feeling compelled by Ego (fear based) to change.

Also, when an intention to manifest something is based in Ego, that desire will not be recognized by the Universe (matrix), and thus will not manifest.

What does this (new?) information do for you? How might you shift your intentions and goals knowing this universal principle? Might you start imagining what it would FEEL like to be/do/have what ever you want to create? 

I know I am. Every day when I practice Chi-Lel qigong ( http://www.chilel.com/) I see my neck as normal. I FEEL the joy and playful silliness that has been missing from my personality these last few years. That feeling is really fabulous! I FEEL energy moving though me where it once was stagnant. So cool! I also visualize the home and LIFE that Matt Bennett and I are manifesting. I FEEL enormous love and connection to my guy and to the people in our lives. This, my friends, is the motivation for creating our dream space and ideal lives. To SHARE the love, joy, playful, silly, relaxing, and fun experiences with others.

I guess I could just summarize by saying "Life is Beautiful". Believe it. FEEL it and you will SEE it in your life.



colette davenport

Colette Davenport helps healers, empaths, and creatives get their magic back. By ending their secret addictions and self-sabotage, clients gain the clarity, confidence, and direction to take their lives to a whole other dimension. Colette is an international coach and speaker, a published author, and the founder of Badass Empath Academy, the school for gifted people.

“Over the course of 25 years, I've had the honor of helping people heal themselves of chronic illness, reestablish intimacy in sexless marriages, turn struggling businesses into profit-generating ones, and leave the 'safe' job (or relationship) they loathed for a life they LOVED. This is my calling.” — Colette Davenport