Waiting -- As If Tomorrow Will Always Come

Less than 24 hours ago I realized (with the help of my coach) that I have been WAITING for my life to get started...to get good.  What I want to experience: A strong, lean, balanced body...A passionate and playful love life with a man I'm excited to be with...A thriving multi-million dollar business with a world-wide reputation for delivering transformational results...A beautiful custom built modern home filled with friends and family...A ton of travel to places all over the world for work and play--that is, the VISION I have for my life at this stage --  I've been imagining but not acting on.  Or rather, not acting BOLDLY and CONSISTENTLY on.

Bold and consistent action.  This is my new mantra.  Sure, I could keep doing what I've been doing, mostly imagining--with sprinkles of action all tinted by a lack of confidence and a subconscious belief that what I want will never actually happen.  But then in a year or two when I've only progressed to the point of where I could've been in only a few short months (if I were taking bold and consistent action), I'll be frustrated and depressed that my life doesn't look the way I want it to.  Kinda like now.  


I want a BIG, BOLD, BADASS life.  One full of passion and meaning and contribution and travel and play and PEOPLE -- to work with, to play with, to grow with.

In coaching, my small, safe, boring bubble gets burst over and over again.  Sometimes that happens gently, and other times it's with a resounding BANG -- yesterday's coaching session was a big bang for me.

I fucking love you, Alicia Marie!  I am by far the best version of myself when I'm in coaching (and yes, I just keep getting better and better ;-).  My confidence has been amplified, this level of clarity makes everything, most importantly what actions to take, OBVIOUS.  As in: OF COURSE I should be working primarily with women, OF COURSE I need to be writing and sharing these observations all the time, OF COURSE I need to be on stage speaking to groups (dare I say large audiences?) of women.  

It's these things: clarity, confidence, and bold and consistent actions that will have me living IN my vision rather than imagining it as though its a far away galaxy to be dreamed about.

My vision of being a best-selling author, engaging speaker, and extraordinary coach with a thriving multi-million dollar business that has a world-wide reputation for delivering transformational results...and...my mission to elevate passion, pleasure, and play in the bedrooms of people everywhere by cultivating and supporting integrity, harmony, and vitality in each of us...may seem lofty (at the moment). But I'm super excited because I've got a badass coach who is committed to me manifesting that reality and an extraordinary support system (my tribe, you know who you are) keeping me accountable to it.  

I encourage every other woman (who's ready) to feel confident, powerful...big, bold, and badass in business and in the bedroom!

THIS is my focus.  My commitment.   My purpose.  It's what I'm here to do...starting with MYSELF.  Get ready to see and feel the energy IGNITE and ELECTRIFY anyone who's around me. 

No more small, safe, and boring from me...and whoever else is ready to be done with that shit -- let me know...I got something for ya!



colette davenport

Colette Davenport helps healers, empaths, and creatives get their magic back. By ending their secret addictions and self-sabotage, clients gain the clarity, confidence, and direction to take their lives to a whole other dimension. Colette is an international coach and speaker, a published author, and the founder of Badass Empath Academy, the school for gifted people.

“Over the course of 25 years, I've had the honor of helping people heal themselves of chronic illness, reestablish intimacy in sexless marriages, turn struggling businesses into profit-generating ones, and leave the 'safe' job (or relationship) they loathed for a life they LOVED. This is my calling.” — Colette Davenport