Confessions of a Sex Coach (video 7)

HOLY SHIT!!!! Everything IS connected.

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Here's the previous post called, Hiding From You.

And here's what I wrote in my Face Book post earlier this week:

Awareness Alert!

I just met someone who has a genetic condition called neurofibromatosis (he looked like the pic of the man below). I can only imagine what life is like for him on a daily basis. I have been hiding my face from the world because of this one lump (which I can camouflage with my hair). He cannot hide and yet he works as a barista at SBUX where hundreds (prob 1000s) of people will see him every day.


I've been comparing myself to others - the beauties I see and quietly wish I was more like PHYSICALLY (which includes old photos of myself, btw). But the reality is I AM NOT THEM and I will never be.

I walked away from that coffee joint feeling compassion for that dude and disappointment in myself.

The truth is I currently have a tumor and my judgement of it and my physical appearance is the number one reason I haven't been living my life to its absolute fullest. And as much as I can extend compassion and suspend my judgement of others.... I haven't granted MYSELF that same kindness.

That's what I find disappointing.

A dear friend said to me 2 days ago "Colette, when you come out of hiding and let the world see you, you will have more (love, money, opportunities, etc) than you can handle."

The experience of lack (of love, money, sex, travel) has been prevalent for a while... The awareness I received today from simply buying espresso from that guy at the coffee shop is a huge fucking eye opener for me.

This tumor may grow or shrink or get surgically removed one day. Just like my face will get wrinkles and my tits will sag one day. The thing about that is: SO FUCKING WHAT!

I'm done letting AN IDEA of what I should look like keep me from showing my face (which is representative of SHOWING UP for myself) to the world. I've got something to say and share and it I KNOW it will positively impact the lives of women (and men) everywhere.

So I guess this turned out to be some sort of declaration. (totally unintended 😳) and to the guy at SBUX w neurofibromatosis: THANK YOU for being a mirror for this gal.

I welcome the opportunity to support you... to be a mirror for you.  If you have a challenge you'd like to move past, take advantage of my 30-minute complimentary Clarify & Connect call. Just click the button to schedule.

XOXO, Colette


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