Problems with PME?

GUYS- If you're challenged with PME then stop FUCKING your partner!

Tantra is not going to teach you some technique to fuck her longer. 
Tantra is about CONSCIOUS CONNECTION to yourself and your lover (And really, all of life). So if you want the act of sex to last longer then explore it as a vehicle for your mutual pleasure, connection, and expansion.

Tantra is a way of BEING that includes sexual self expression.


I know the media (ok, porn) has done a bang-up job of brainwashing you into thinking the longer and harder you can fuck, the better lover you are. WRONG!

What makes a masterful lover is your ability to be fully present, to enter into the encounter WITHOUT expectations but with genuine curiosity for what will bring you both pleasure at that particular time, along with patience, interest and intrigue in your bodies, and a willingness to be vulnerable at times and commanding at others.

Plus, sex is WAY MORE than just penetration. The word, "foreplay" is a joke if you ask me. Don't think of massage or oral or petting or making out or the use of toys as just the opening act that leads up to the main event. MIX IT UP. Enjoy all these things at random. OF COURSE she's going to be disappointed if all that goes down is a minute-long make out followed by you entering her and orgasming before she even gets her head in the game. Women tend to require a ramp up period to get fully aroused. Just because you can get erect in a moment's notice and blow your load lickety-split doesn't mean jack -- DO NOT relate your "sexual arousal and pleasure process" to a woman's. You will only mind-fuck yourself if you do.

And if you feel you are already doing this and you still come right away...then HAVE MORE SEX that way your body isn't over excited at the idea of her vagina enveloping your penis.

BOTTOM LINE is sex is a PART OF WHO YOU ARE (the very CORE ESSENCE, in fact) and expressing this aspect of yourself can be big-time pleasurable and fun and spiritually awakening even. If it's not, I promise it's not because you need to learn some new technique to last longer.

Want to actually LEARN how to be, do, and have what I just talked about? Call me. I teach tantra. Couples and women welcome, too. (and NO, I don't have sex with students...duh.)

P.S.  I get so many calls from men wanting a "quick fix" for this issue and they think tantra is going to give them the magic technique to keep fucking longer. When I share that my Tantra Program is 3 months long and is actually a spirituality-based personal growth and development program and that we don't have sex of any kind together they say "oh. ok thanks." and hang up. I KNOW men (and women) are not getting the level of satisfaction they want from sex. It's because we have all been taught THE WRONG THINGS about it. And yet we are ultimately driven by the deep desire to CONNECT how about we LEARN HOW to do that in a way that actually serves us?


colette davenport

Colette Davenport helps healers, empaths, and creatives get their magic back. By ending their secret addictions and self-sabotage, clients gain the clarity, confidence, and direction to take their lives to a whole other dimension. Colette is an international coach and speaker, a published author, and the founder of Badass Empath Academy, the school for gifted people.

“Over the course of 25 years, I've had the honor of helping people heal themselves of chronic illness, reestablish intimacy in sexless marriages, turn struggling businesses into profit-generating ones, and leave the 'safe' job (or relationship) they loathed for a life they LOVED. This is my calling.” — Colette Davenport