The Birth of a Book (That Will Change Lives)

I recognize the title of this blog post is bold. It's a lot to live up to, right? The reality is, I might fail miserably at writing this book...and I'm doing it anyway.  

I'm claiming this position because it's what I want to create.

I have a deep desire to create something that gives me great joy, honors my unique gifts and experiences, and offers something useful to others. I've spent this morning writing, as I often do. But this morning, my birthday, I asked to be shown what there is to do now ... and what revealed itself to me is this:


If there's anything I've learned in 42 years, it's that UNCONDITIONAL SELF LOVE is the key to happiness. It's not 'easy', however. It requires courage and it challenges confidence. The thing is, if we're willing to look at what we've been avoiding, often treasures (in the form of TRUTHS) reveal themselves to us.

The truth is, I don't want to be known as the girl who was this (call girl) or has that (a tumor). I want to be known as someone who is courageous and free and kind and funny and generous and loving and easy to with.

So this book is going to be about how I went from desperately seeking approval and affection, hating and hiding the parts of myself I thought were ugly and disgusting to not only accepting them but CLAIMING them as key in my self-love story.

I am going to share with readers how I got to a place where I am saddled up and riding this life...

This book is for the 40-something woman who has struggled with self-worth and self love her whole life. She has probably (secretly) had a "checkered past" and an unusual relationship to sex. Maybe she has/had a major health issue that completely altered her self-perception. She is a seeker. She really wants to know who she is and how to make the absolute most of her life. Like REALLY. She values the wisdom and guidance of those that have 'gone before her'. She wants to know she's not alone. She longs to hear the true and relatable story of another woman's journey of courage and confidence in the face of challenge. She wants to know how to "come out" and tell HER truth. She needs a new perspective of wellness and a deeper understanding of intimacy. She's looking for inspiration to be the source of her self-worth. She knows she needs a new approach to sex, one that empowers her and her desire rather than condemns it through shame.

If this is you, like me, you've probably developed above average intellect. So you're smart. And you appear successful but inside you're stressed the fuck out and you're scared that you'll be found out. You're anxious about all that you've built and how it can come crashing down if you don't stay in control.


You're biting your tongue, it's what you were taught to do. You've never fully embraced or embodied your sexual desire and on some level this has kept you silently suffering shame. You're wondering if this is all there is for you and your life.

This book is for you.

I'm not biting my tongue anymore. I'm not hiding out or letting slide what I know needs to be exposed and expressed. I know I'm not alone and that we need leadership. SO I'll lead the way for my tribe of women who want what I want...

Extraordinary relationships and super satisfying lives.

It's possible. My life has been the 'test lab' and now I'll share how I got where I am (a place of courage, confidence, and most importantly, UNCONDITIONAL SELF LOVE) ...despite, no - BECAUSE of my challenges.

So stay tuned, my sister...I'm making this book and this year of my life about US. Cheers to growing into a Wise Woman and no regrets for the past as a Party Girl.

Much Love!



colette davenport

Colette Davenport helps healers, empaths, and creatives get their magic back. By ending their secret addictions and self-sabotage, clients gain the clarity, confidence, and direction to take their lives to a whole other dimension. Colette is an international coach and speaker, a published author, and the founder of Badass Empath Academy, the school for gifted people.

“Over the course of 25 years, I've had the honor of helping people heal themselves of chronic illness, reestablish intimacy in sexless marriages, turn struggling businesses into profit-generating ones, and leave the 'safe' job (or relationship) they loathed for a life they LOVED. This is my calling.” — Colette Davenport