Inspired Intimacy Coaching

Your relationship used to be magical… but now your work-and-kid-related responsibilities have taken over and thoughts of having sweaty unbridaled afternoon sex are gone, leaving you living like roommates. You want results like these but you don’t want to spend all your time in therapy.

  • Clear and Honest Communication

  • Loving Cooperation

  • Effective Conflict Management

  • More and Better Sex

  • Real Intimacy

  • Self-Love and Awareness

  • Mutual Understanding

  • Unwavering Trust

  • Soul-Level Connection

  • Less Stress

If you're ready to heal your wounds, feel the flames of desire, and reinvent your relationship, you're in the right place.

Friday was one of the most transformative moments of my life in the last few years. Lots of permanent learnings, new thinking and more. My partner and I had a great weekend of honesty, vulnerability, etc. We are working on a new marital contract of shared adventures around who we both are today - not who we used to be. So thank you x million!
— Justin
My husband and I reached out to Colette to help deepen and focus our connection. Colette was exactly what we were looking for. We developed a greater appreciation of our relationship and gained numerous tools to help us strengthen our bond. Working with her has been unforgettable.
— Dorian

Tantra Escapes for Couples

In the elite week-long Tantra Retreat you will be led through practices that assist in awakening and expanding your cosmic connection with yourself (mind, body, spirit) and your partner in addition to elevating your sex to "sacred".  (hint: my homework assignments are the best!) Each day includes training sessions that build on one another and are hosted in a spectacular sensual environment ideal for "dropping into your deepest desires". The 6 Elements of Tantra (philosophy and practices) are presented in a practical and modern way, using language and exercises that students at any level of physical health can connect with and practice.  This exclusive training allows you to "get it" and use it in your everyday (sex) life.

The 6 Elements of Tantra

  1. Communication & Connection

  2. Presence & Pleasure

  3. Environment & Ritual

  4. Movement & Stillness

  5. Breath & Energy Work

  6. Massage & Sacred Sex

My wife and I started our journey with you over a year ago, and it has been one of the most rewarding experiences of our lives. We were not sure what we would be in for, and have been truly blessed to have met you and have you in our lives. It was scary to allow someone into our intimate space, but you are now one with us spiritually… and for that we are forever intertwined with you. You are truly a blessing to our lives and hope that in some way we have been the same for you. We are extremely excited about where your future leads you, and know that we are better for having met and had this experience of growth with you.
— J & N

Which Approach is the Right One for You?