Scenario #1

Are you a wife and mom who wants more - something that’s just for you? But you feel guilty and squash your feelings more than you express them. Oh, and then there’s the lack of intimacy that’s making your marriage feel more like a roomies thing? Ugh! Girl, I get it.

I just wanted you to know I love you so much. I appreciate who you are and the dedication and passion you have to allow others to really step into their greatness. I am grateful to the universe that we met. You always mirror back to me, my purpose, my calling, and who I really am. (I know that’s partly about me-but you’ve given me quite a gift!) Thank you for being you, Colette. I know the world needs you!
— Meg

Senario #2

Do you have a hard time turning work off - to the point it’s affecting your home life? You spend a lot of time trying to make others comfortable and appear calm and confident but inside you're stressed the fuck out. If you’re managing your man more than you’re making love to him…

I have had some life coaching sessions with Colette Davenport via phone recently, and they have been super helpful in aiding me in being proactive in the areas of my concerns. I highly recommend getting in touch with her if you’re like me and need some support in achieving certain goals, whether it’s life in general, love, or career. She’s awesome.
— Leslie

Scenario #3

You're smart. You're hard working. You're attractive. But your confidence is not where it could be. Because of your secret struggle with self-esteem, self-expression, or self-care (or all THREE) your life does not look how you want it to. You need a new strategy to turn your dreams into reality.

Sticking to my goals has been much easier than I expected once I learned to trust myself. Colette helped me do that.
— Karith

I've helped women just like you overcome the overwhelm that comes from doing too much and not taking care of yourself. My clients have awakened a side of themselves they thought was gone for good. I've witnessed women emerge with more energy, clarity, and focus so they can confidently ask for what they want and need from their partners. I've helped couples reclaim their intimate connection and create an atmosphere of love and cooperation in the home.

I can help you, too. ~ Colette