• You want to raise your vibration and keep it up but you feel stuck in the muck and struggle to break free.

  • You have buried pain locked away in your body and you need to release the build up of negative emotions.

  • You secretly harbor feelings of shame, fearing rejection or being found out.

  • You have trust issues that keep you from fully connecting and having a truly satisfying intimate relationship.

  • You can’t seem to find your voice and speak your truth.

  • You tend more toward self-sabotage than self-confidence.

  • You have a wall around your heart.

  • You are ready to break the patterns and habits that keep you stuck, stressed, and struggling.

  • You’re ready to be free of the mind-fuck!

  • You want to go from chaos to clear and confident

If you’re shaking your head yes to some (or most) of those you’re in the right place.

GET YOUR MAGIC BACK is the program for empaths and HSP who want to free their heart, find their voice, and love their life!


WEEK 1: Release the top 3 things that are holding you back. Clarify who you will BE, what you will DO, and what you will HAVE as a result of getting your magic back. Connect to your BIG WHY (soul’s purpose).

WEEK 2: Upgrade and organize your environment in order to achieve greatness. Understand how internal and external environments will make or break your success. Get the tools to make it happen.

WEEK 3 + WEEK 4: Excavate your SOUL WOUND. Learn what it is, where it comes from and how it fucks with you. Safely dive into the deep end (aka uncomfortable emotions) and start the healing process.

WEEK 5: Learn the 4-step system for healing the soul wound. First up, get control. Separate the situation that triggers you from the soul wound that sends you spiraling.

WEEK 6: Master your sensitivities. How to stop numbing out (or acting out) when shit happens. Manage your emotions and finally be free.

WEEK 7: Love yourself like your life depends on it. Instantly reintegrate the “unlovable” parts of yourself so you can get on with living a kick ass life.

WEEK 8: Write your new story. Take your power back and heal yourself at a soul level. Begin working from a new, purpose-driven, operating system. Leave the wounded one behind.

WEEK 9: Unmask your magic. Take bold courageous action from the new operating system. Create a strategy for living a life that is magical AF.

WEEK 10: Use your voice. Learn how to fearlessly communicate your feelings, wants, and needs. Ask for and get what you really want - at work, at home, and from the Universe.

In less than three months YOU WILL TRANSFORM AT A SOUL LEVEL…so you can live your most kick-ass life.

Stress, overwhelm, anxiety, depression, loneliness, and addiction are not normal.

Some of us have even become so accustomed to living with these challenges that we don’t know what it’s like to be free. We don’t have a reference point for feeling safe, supported, seen and fully satisfied. We only know life to be, in fact, a struggle.

That shit just needs to stop. I’m here to help you make it happen.

We are empaths, highly sensitive, magical people.

I believe the world needs sensitive souls like us to be healthy and happy AF, doing work we love that provides for the kind of life we dream of.

If you agree and want to GET YOUR MAGIC BACK, click the button below.