The intention of this program is to have you IGNITE the flames of passion in your heart and magnetize the LOVE and LIFE you desire!

Program Agreement

Congratulations! You’re taking a powerful step toward IGNITEing the flames of passion in your heart and magnetize the LOVE and LIFE you desire!.  To partner together professionally and successfully, I request you to be familiar with the following guidelines and agreements. 

This document constitutes a contract between us ("Program Agreement"). Please read it carefully and raise any questions and concerns that you have before e-signing and submitting it.

Coaching is a process.  Many people create meaningful change for themselves in a short time.  However, to refine and sustain the change can take several months.  Use your 4-week jump start program to establish and begin implementing a powerful new way of being for you. The outcome of this program is directly affected by your continued commitment to doing the work and maintaining your agreements.

Program Investment

The IGNITE program includes 4 one-on-one coaching calls along with exercises and additional resources. The investment is $497. Payment is required by credit card and is handled on or before the “program scheduling call”. Click here to pay securely.

While you have my guaranteed commitment, results are a matter of your choices and actions, therefore, no refunds are issued.  Extenuating circumstances occur and should you decide to withdraw from the program, the remaining balance will be held in credit for one year (from the date of withdrawal) toward a future program of your choice.

Program Schedule

It’s very important that you call on time.  If you’re unable to keep a scheduled appointment, I ask that you promptly reschedule to maintain the integrity of the program.  IMPORTANT: If you call in late, you simply forfeit the minutes you've missed and at the 15-minute mark I consider you a “no-show” at which time you must CALL to reschedule the missed session.

We both know time is our most valuable asset.  In honor of that, we both agree to give a minimum of 24 business hours notice of any changes to the program schedule. Our commitment and punctuality is vital to your success. Commitment is one of the key factors for generating change.

Support Docs

Pre-call docs are to be emailed 24 hours prior to your session. These forms will prepare us for the discussion around your progress and current challenges, weekly exercises, and your particular coaching goal for the session.  Post-call docs are to be emailed within 24 hours after the call.  All exercises are designed to support your intended results and will be discussed in session.  

Problems to Solutions

I want you to be 100% satisfied with the program and our partnership. If I ever say anything that upsets you or you do not feel right, please bring it to my attention during the call.  I will, however, often say things that seem confronting.  

Coaching can reveal the things in your life that are not working for you. When a person recognizes their strategies aren’t working, they naturally get uncomfortable. The good news is that feeling is often an indicator of growth. One of the aims of coaching is to help you reinvent parts of your life, while taking new actions and revising strategies that have become redundant. Remember, you are not the issue, the strategy is.

I promise to champion you and your changes without judgement and with optimism and support.


Clients are guaranteed absolute confidentiality. All documents and personal data are password protected.   Credit card statements will indicate Transformational Coaching, LLC.


I have read, understand, and agree to maintain the guidelines and agreements on this document. *
I have read, understand, and agree to maintain the guidelines and agreements on this document.
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