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Are you looking for a community of driven women ready to turn their dreams into reality?

Well here we are.

Introducing the 5-week group coaching experience (and community) for courageous women who want to be confident, feel sexy, and kick ass.

You're smart. You're hard working. You're attractive.

But your confidence is not where it could be.

Because of your struggle with self-esteem, self-expression, or self-care (or all THREE) your life does not look how you want it to.

You spend countless hours trying to 'fix it' but you're not really getting anywhere. 

You ask, "Why me?" and "How did I get here?"

You go out of your way to make your life look happy on social media.

But secretly you're afraid everyone will find out it ain't so.

Or you've isolated yourself so you don't have to bother with other people at all.

Either way the anxiety (or depression) is eating away at you. 

If you're in a relationship, you've withdrawn to avoid feeling rejected.

You're sure he looks at you differently now. The lack of intimacy proves it.

You keep saying you're going to get over it and get on with it but you get distracted and find yourself in the same place month after month.

You're starting to feel helpless and hopeless when it comes to being confident and sexy. Like that is a thing of the past.

I know. I've been there. 

Those thoughts and feelings are normal.

But if you're ready for a NEW NORMAL I can show you HOW TO GET CONFIDENT, FEEL SEXY, AND KICK ASS!


I used to feel helpless, hopeless, and out of control.

I watched my mom resign herself to being a frantic "servant" to my dad.

I struggled with self-esteem most of my life. I was confused and depressed for years.

I dropped out of college to work as a call girl, thinking that would give me a feeling of control. 

I've had a visible lime-sized brain-stem tumor for 9 years.

I was afraid NO ONE would desire or respect me given my past AND this lump on my neck.

Then I got the hell over it.

It took years and a lot of high-level support, but now I'm a bold, courageous, outspoken woman with more confidence than I've EVER had in my life.

I've spent thousands of hours having intimate conversations with clients, with my coaches, and my spiritual guides.

As a result, I've developed my superpower - helping people heal - by using my gifts of 'seeing' and 'feeling'. And while that may sound woo-woo, it works. 

Working with me means: You get what you truly want by dealing with the deeper issues AND the day-to-day challenges.

I'm going to help you by 'seeing' what the deeper issues are and holding an unwavering intention for you to succeed. I'm also going to 'feel' with you so you can safely navigate all the uncomfortable stuff. Plus, I will speak the truth about what I see and feel - YOU will choose what to do with that information. 

Together, we'll get to the absolute source of your struggle and uncover the information that leads to healing - at a soul level - and transforms your situation in a way that makes you stronger and more confident.

This, along with what one client described as my 'extraordinary coaching skills' and simple-yet-effective strategy are what allow me to help women take their confidence to new heights....turning your dreams into reality.


Program Overview:

- 5 weekly calls (Wednesdays at noon CST)

- 90-minute recorded calls (2 to 3 hot seats per call)

- 15 people per group

- Private Facebook group: KICK-ASS CONFIDENCE CLUB

- Workbook with exercises and goal tracking

- Expert interviews & resources library

- $497 investment (introductory pricing)


Now let's break it down...



Clarity is the key to confidence. In week one we clarify what confidence looks like for YOU. Utilize my signature 5 Bodies System to skyrocket your self-awareness and self-esteem. Together, we’ll create a mindset that turns your flaws into ef-yeahs! By the end of week one you’ll have the foundation to turn your dream life into your real life.


You are the source of your self-worth. Week 2 is all about shifting the internal dialogue from self-hate to self-love. We’ll dive deep into how to quiet the critical voice in your head. I’ll teach you my technique for being my own biggest cheerleader - because let’s face it, it’s those moments when you’re ALONE with your thoughts that can be the most brutal. We’ll get you banishing the bitch andbelieving in yourself, shifting from fear to love and feeling enormous gratitude for ALL OF IT. Remember, I couldn’t be here if I didn't embrace my flaws, fuck-ups and failures.


You deserve your DESIRES. In week 3 we uncover your soul desire. You’ll know it in your bones to be the truth. You’ll trust it and express it with confidence. You’ll learn to use my coveted emotional awareness chart - or as one of my clients called it her "EQ cheat sheet" - to become the master of your emotions, rather than be controlled by them. By this point you’ll be speaking up AND getting what you want and need in ALL your relationships. In other words, you’ll finally be seen and heard. In my humble opinion, that’s worth every penny of the investment.


Week four might be my favorite. It’s superpower time! We’re going to get down with your uniqueness. We’ll discover what your special gifts are that make you great at what you do. If you don't already know, I promise you have a magical power that, when harnessed, will surprise you at how quickly and effortlessly you can manifest your dreams. The key, I’ve discovered (the hard way), is to understand its shadow side. So we’ll dig into that and stop it from tripping you up again.


You hold the POWER to create. In our final week, we set you up for ongoing success and a super strong self-esteem game for years to come.  This one’s about the structure to keep you at your best so you can continue to manifest your dream life. My coach taught me that 'insight without action produces nothing'. And I’m not about to let you get this far without the gear to be great when the program ends. You’re going to have a real world strategy that fits your lifestyle and makes you feel like you can meet any challenge with a positive attitude and tools to overcome it.

Your tools will include daily power practices, tangible goals you’re excited to achieve, bite-sized actions that won’t bog you down, and success measures, aka rewards, so you - and everyone else - can SEE you winning! And don’t worry, this all comes with never-ending support from me and the other kick-ass women you’ll meet in the club.



What would it be like to wake up a couple months from now feeling confident, like you have things under control, excited for the day?

Now think about what it will certainly be like if you do nothing. If you stay stuck in the story about not being good enough or deserving of a kick-ass life.

Close your eyes and feel those two scenarios. 

Now pick the one you want.

I get that you might be hesitant to say "yes" to this program. It's an investment that comes with risk.

Risk is scary. Especially when your self confidence is low.

However, RIGHT NOW is your chance to change that.


- Waking up and saying YES out loud because you feel like a badass.

- Knowing you can handle whatever challenge you're faced with.

- Connecting deeply with the people you love...letting them in to see the real you.

- Walking into a room confidently, with your shoulders back and your head held high.

- Being in a tribe of like-minded women who support and challenge you to be your best self.

- Trusting yourself, being yourself, and not giving a damn about what other people think.

- Being treated like a normal person with a normal life having normal conversations.

If you're ready for that to be your NEW NORMAL sign up for the Kick Ass Confidence Course right this minute.

Space is limited to give all participants maximum opportunity for personalized learning and transformation. The 5-step signature system was developed directly from my experience pulverizing confidence issues that my condition created.

I did it and you can too.

This program is my way of contributing to the confidence crusade we, as women, must be on to live kick-ass lives...Let's heal our wounds, find our voices, and show up fully for ourselves and our loved ones.

Be Confident!

Feel Sexy!

Kick Ass!

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