Are you a healer, guide, or mentor who knows how to help people but you’re struggling to make a steady income? Let’s get you magnetizing your ideal clients with marketing that gets results.

YOUR people need you to speak directly to them. Your job is NOT to be everything to everyone. When you know exactly who you serve and why, they will literally say to you, “I’m so glad I found you.”

YOUR One Square Inch is perfect for coaches, healers, and holistic service providers who want off the revenue roller coaster and who want to share their gift with the world.

Imagine 10+ ideal clients who’ve paid in full up-front and are eager to get to work with you. They do the work and get the results and become raving fans of yours so you get referral after referral. How would that impact your business?

How would you feel with $20k in savings?

What would you do with the time you save NOT HUSTLING?

It took me 10 years and 10’s of thousands of dollars to get my business off the ground (aka be profitable). I hired the best business coaches and did all the online marketing programs, each had a little to contribute, but it wasn’t until I put the pieces together that the needle REALLY MOVED —> I went from making $23k in 2016 to generating that in 12 days with this system. I shit you not.

Save yourself the struggle and stress of trying to figure it out on your own.

We are not meant to “hustle and grind” we are meant to work in a state of “flow and grace.”

Take advantage of my hard work and diligence to understand what actually works for heart-based business owners like us. Hint: It’s not online funnels!

Alright, here are some logistics for you to look at. Read to the end and if you’re feeling the vibe, click the button and let’s get you making the income and impact you dream about.


WHAT you do (elevator pitch) - no more “I’m a life (or health) coach/massage therapist/personal trainer”!

WHO you do it for (ideal clients) - so you know exactly what to say to attract your tribe.

WHY you do it (your big why) - Your confidence will skyrocket when you get this.

WHAT they want/need (point of no return and your signature program) - people buy first with emotions then justify with logic. When you know exactly what YOUR PEOPLE desire and fear, you’ll hold the key to unlock their imagination and their transformation.

HOW & WHERE you show up (online and in person) - so you get the greatest return on your time and energy investment. And you go where your people already are.

GO TO MARKET strategy (generate leads) - we’ll craft your marketing copy and the conversations to have in any live interaction so you’ll get leads.

ENROLLMENT convo (get hired)- this is the point where you build and ensure trust from/with the client.

CLIENT MANAGEMENT process (get results) - I’ll give you my system to copy.

RELATIONSHIP building (get referrals) - how to be a badass networker.

The majority of this is geared toward MARKETING your unique offering (YOU!) so that your perfect clients find you and sign up to work with you.

What makes a perfect client?

They have a specific problem they are actively seeking a solution to AND they’re ready to INVEST in the solution. Trust me, hustling for clients sucks and is not a good way to build a new coaching practice. Or any business for that matter.

This is a 3-month (12 call) program. We meet 1x week over the phone (recorded calls for reference later). There are exercises and other resources to support your progress and a Facebook group to stay accountable and expand your network.

Heads Up: This is not just a marketing program… YOU WILL ALSO TRANSFORM AT A SOUL LEVEL…so you can live your most kick-ass life.

That last part is WHY I do what I do. I believe the world needs sensitive souls like us to be healthy and happy AF, doing work we love that provides for the kind of life we dream of. This is our MAGIC.

I can help ya unmask that magic. :)