Reconnect to your purpose. Shift your perspective. Align your priorities. Awaken your Soul.

We all know the importance of self-care (especially when you're in crisis mode). I'm here to help you take it a step further. Mind + Body + Soul Care.

These sessions are for people in need of calming the inner chaos.

Are you in crisis?

Crisis of the heart: breakup / blowup / Empty / Trapped

Crisis of health: illness / recovery / Pain / Loss

Crisis of livelihood: work / financial / life change / Purpose

This is for anyone experiencing a breakdown....and desires (needs) a breakthrough

This is your beacon lighting the way home.


If you're feeling confused and uncertain about what to do...

If you're having trouble sleeping...

If you feel stuck, lost or hopeless...

If you're frustrated or furious...

If you feel sad, empty, and alone...

If you feel out of control...



If you WANT to feel grounded...

If you WANT an emotional release...

If you WANT to move the negative energy...

If you're READY for a radical mental shift...

If you're READY to awaken your body...

If you're READY to heal your soul...



Release the pain. Return to love. Surrender to Source. Reclaim your power.


I used to feel helpless, hopeless, and out of control.

I struggled with self-esteem most of my life. I was confused and depressed for years.

I dropped out of college to work as a call girl, thinking that would give me a feeling of control. 

I've had a visible lime-sized brain-stem tumor for 9 years.

I've had two long-term relationships end in disappointment.

I numbed out with booze, drugs, shopping, food, sex, and tv.

I took courses and read dozens of self-help books.

Then I remembered how to heal.

It took years and a lot of high-level support for me to reveal what I've known since I was a little girl.

I am a healer. A mystic. A witch. A priestess with the power to heal.

That sounds woo woo as fuck. 

And because I was afraid of being ridiculed and rejected (thanks to my Soul Wound) I hid this truth from people.

I use my magic when I'm coaching clients but we don't talk about it, nor do we get to address the embodiment aspect of my work because coaching is all done over the phone. And it's very effective for longer term goals and deep-dive personal development. However, I knew I needed to "come out" as a healer for people in crisis when my Guidance showed me the path to my own healing. #REVEALTOHEAL

I've been doing Soul Care Sessions quietly behind the scenes for years - I didn't want to be found out - but now I'm bringing it out of the shadows and into the light! I asked to be shown what to do and this is the next step for me, my own healing and body of work. 

Try that on. Ask your Guidance what there is for you to do at this moment. If you get the message to work with me, I will answer your call.

What to Expect

There are two parts to a Soul Care Session. First, is what I call "Coaching and Channelling". This is a conversation between you, me, and the Guidance. We will uncover your unique Soul Wound and begin to understand the underlying issues causing you pain. We follow that with the embodiment aspect of the session, using techniques like breath and energy work, guided meditation, and massage to "release and/or retrieve" depending on your situation. Your session may also include essential oils, crystal and hydrotherapy. The combination of these practices harmonize your whole-being and begin the process of healing your Soul Wound. Finally, you will be given a specific take-home protocol. Follow your Sacred Soulution ™ to continue your self-healing process.

While there are no quick fixes, a Soul Care Session may have a profound and immediate effect on you/your life. It may feel like a moment of clarity and coming home, as if suspended in Grace. What you do with that is up to you. For some, a single session is just the kind of heart medicine they need. For others, the session serves as a gateway to deeper healing. If you feel called to continue the work with me, we can discuss the options I have to further support you.

Emily Rose.jpg


Emily Says...
“I've never received a healing like this before. You helped me be the person I KNOW I can be in relationship... to myself and to my partner. Because of our time, I am in a state of gratitude for my boyfriend. All I feel is love.”







What would it be like to wake up a week from now feeling calm and confident, like you have things under control?

Now think about what it will certainly be like if you do nothing.

Imagine staying stuck in the shock and confusion, the denial, the anger, or the hopelessness.

Close your eyes and feel those two scenarios. 

Now pick the one you want.

I get that you might be hesitant to trust this as the right step for you.

I'm inviting you to take a leap of faith.

That's asking a lot. Especially when you're in a crisis.

What I know for certain is, a breakdown ALWAYS precedes a breakthrough.

Soul Care Sessions are designed for your breakthrough.


megan S (1).png


Meg says...
“I appreciate who you are and the dedication and passion you have to allow others to really step into their greatness. You always mirror back to me, my purpose, my calling, and who I really am. (I know that’s partly about me-but you’ve given me quite a gift!)”




- Waking up with gratitude because you feel whole again.

- Putting an end to the patterns that cause you pain.

- feeling connected to your soul purpose, Yourself (and your Partner).

- using your power to manifest your dreams.

- healing your mind + Body + soul.