Colette uses wit, metaphor and revealing story to engage her audiences in a loving and no-bull shit way. 

Her stories take listeners on a journey into themselves so they can shift their point of view, see their blocks, and turn their problems into possibilities on the spot. This is her magic.

When Colette speaks, you feel like you know her and that she’s talking directly to you, as if she knows you, too. People have said they feel a sense of belonging and connection and are able to use the tools she shares right away.

Colette has been a featured speaker at women’s conferences, retreats, networking events along with being a guest expert on several podcasts and telesummits. She partnered up with Melinda Garvey, the founder of Austin Woman Magazine on morning radio, presented along side Kristina Kuzmic, Cat & Nat, and Kimberly Locke at the G3 Women's Conference in Sonoma, CA, and was the keynote speaker at I AM BECOMING, a 3-day women’s retreat.

The following are talk topics Colette offers. Contact us to discuss custom created expert-led conversations for your group or company.

Get Your Magic Back - Discover the Hidden Keys to Clarity, Confidence, and a Kick-Ass Life

How to Be a Badass Empath - Live Up to Your Potential and Give Zero F*cks About Fitting In

From Call Girl to Calling
- Colette's Story of Healing and Transformation

Confidence in the Face of Challenge
- How to Turn Your Flaws into F-Yeahs!

Kick-Ass Confidence - How to Stay True Even When The Critics Try to Tear You Down!

Marketing Magic - How to Market Your Message to the People Who are Hungry to Hire You


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