Training is the process of getting knowledge, skills or abilities by study, experience or teaching. The trainer by definition is the expert, and the training course is likely to be targeted on specific skills for immediate results. 

Specifically, in the Tantra Training Program you will be led through modules that assist in awakening and expanding your conscious connection with your self (mind, body, spirit) and your partner in addition to studying sacred sexuality.  

Please note: While the content of this program revolves around an ancient spiritual philosophy that addresses sexual and erotic practices, it is a learning-centered program and is not intended for "adult entertainment purposes".  In my role as teacher, I welcome students' authentic self expression and intimate exploration, however, the tantric sex practices are intended to be shared with your partner. In other words, the practicum for module 6 (massage and sacred sex) is done outside the classroom. 

Contact me to receive an application for the program.