If you’ve never worked with a professional coach before, you might be curious about what exactly goes on before, during and after the session. Although the coaching experience is unique to each client most coaching sessions follow a similar structure.

THE FIRST CALL includes going over the procedure for working together and then moves into establishing your intended outcome for the program.  Understanding where you're headed and, more importantly, why is fundamental to a successful coaching relationship.  From there we will explore tangible markers for success.  In other words, what will life look like when you've achieved the outcome you desire? This is crucial for measuring progress.  Remember, coaching explores the present and facilitates a design for the future while the client develops his or her potential along the way. Once the foundation is set you will have the opportunity to declare your commitments to action and state your take-aways from the call and we conclude by confirming the next call.

All remaining coaching calls will follow this basic structure:

  • Welcome/catch up and a chance to celebrate progress, wins, successes
  • Check in with the Prep Form
  • You establish the focus of the session and the desired outcome and I coach you
  • I listen, ask questions, note your language, as you relate your situation/progress/challenges
  • I remain neutral and insatiably curious!
  • I acknowledge and affirm as appropriate
  • I reframe/reflect back your words and ideas to help you move toward your outcome
  • I don’t give you any solutions or advice
  • I offer suggestions or assessments with your permission
  • You can accept, reject or counter offer any suggestion I make!
  • I’ll check in with you to see how close we are to your focus
  • You determine the action and/or commitment for the week  – actions can be tangible or intangible!
  • You share your take-aways and insights gained from the session
  • Confirm next appointment

Still not sure if this approach is right for you?

Contact me for a 30-minute complimentary "exploratory" call to test drive the coaching process and determine if it's a good fit.