I work with men, women, and couples who are motivated to create a better life for themselves.  My ideal client is someone who is willing to learn and grow and try new things.  They are usually high achievers in some areas of life (business, fitness, finances) and are looking to raise the level of satisfaction in others (dating, sex, relationship).  They think long-term.  They measure progress in months and years versus day to day.  My clients are competitive with themselves and have a good sense of humor, not taking things too overly serious.  They aren't hung up doing things the way they always have and they look toward change.  I work with people willing to take risks and push past their comfort zone.  Most importantly these people are respectful of themselves and others, along with the coaching relationship, and they know they don't know it all.  That's why they choose to partner with a coach.

Are you a candidate for coaching?

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